Access Control Systems

Spectra help keep your information, employees, visitors, and customers safe.

We help your staff and employees move around your premises safely.

With an access control solution designed and installed by Spectra we provide you the right tailor made solution using the latest and proven access control technologies to restrict and control access to sensitive data and specific areas within your premises.

Every organisation has people and equipment they need to keep safe and secure.

You could protect them simply by a lock and key, one lock on a door and give out as many keys as you need to the people who need them.

Simple, well yes, but wouldn’t it be great to let everyone have their own unique key, then if one was lost or stolen you just delete it, whilst everyone else’s key still works.

Then how about only allowing those keys to be used, say, Monday-Friday between 8.00am till 6.00pm and wouldn’t it be even better if some keys could open every door but others could only open one or two…

We at Spectra buy from well known manufacturers, like the Progeny range from BSB, designed and manufactured in Blackburn since 1983.

Spectra were one of the first companies in the UK to use Cotag in fact we have supplied over 100,000 Cotag cards and readers.

So for card readers of all types, for Cotag and Progeny systems along with a good measure of our “Old Fashioned” courtesies, customer service…..

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Access control on listed building doors

Sir Robert Ogden Macmillan Cancer Centre, Harrogate.

Controller installation by Spectra at the Macmillan centre