Automatic Doors – “Access all areas”

Spectra have extensive experience of designing and installing automatic door openers to customer’s specific requirements.

Some are designed as standalone others linked with our access control systems, connected via fire alarms, evacuation alarms and interlock controls.

We have extensive experience of the requirements of working in historic and listed buildings. This has even included work on a historic Grade 2 Listed Castle.

An ideal solution is to link “Hands Free” access control

Allowing persons with mobility difficulties easy access into secure areas providing essential safety and security for staff and visitors.

An entrance door opener, or automatic operator as it is sometimes known, is an ideal solution to allowing persons to gain easy access.

Spectra 1001 Entrance Door Opener

A high performance operator, which gives economy and reliability.

Can be linked to almost any access system.

Image result for relcross 1001 operator image

Spectra 2004 Automatic Door Opener

A high traffic automatic door opener, which may be operated either by switches or sensors.

The unit can be signalled to open by low level switches or over door “radar” detectors.  Of course operation by an intercom or access control is also possible.

When used with Cotag access control we can even programme it to respond to different access control “Cotag” cards.

Maybe you have a listed building but need to accommodate “Access for all”.  We have years of experience and hundreds of systems installed, so it’s likely we have seen your problems in the past.

Call us and we’re sure we’ll be able to help.

Intercom, Access control and Automatic door at local authority disabled persons centre.

Tripod turnstile at Financial services building

Automatic door at Building Society main entrance