Intercom Systems

So, you want to simply stop people just entering your premises and walking around uninvited?

Or maybe you have a person on reception but what happens when they need to go elsewhere or it’s after hours or early morning..

Maybe you have limited mobility and want to identify who is at your door before having to answer it, but then wouldn’t it be nice to unlock the door if it’s a friend, neighbour or family member.

The answer, of course, is an intercom

A simple door entry system which can easily be fitted and give you so much convenience and “peace of mind”.

At Spectra we have installed literally hundreds of intercom systems from audio only right up to multi-channel video intercoms for dozens of users.

We can even install one that can be answered by your mobile phone, anywhere in the world.

Imagine, you are on holiday in Spain or even Australia and you get a call from a family member via your door intercom who is at your home or office – you can speak to them and even unlock the door to let them in using your mobile phone.

Intercom and video intercom at Financial services building

Intercom with integral coded access keypad

Intercom connected to buildings telephone system to control car park barrier