Project Description

Bolton Town Hall

Bolton Town Hall is almost 150 years old, in fact it will celebrate the start of its construction 150 years (1866) ago in 2016. Works were completed in 1873 and a “Civic Centre” was added between 1932 and 1939. Now known as Le Mans Crescent.

Installing today’s 21st Century technology into a listed building such as this brings challenges for any engineering company tasked with the work. However, in and around Bolton we have some excellent technology companies which are well capable of the task – So when it came to the complete reorganisation of the access control and key registration system it was an obvious choice to involve Spectra, the recognised local company with National accreditations.

Main contractor ISG Plc along with M and E contractor Imtech were given the contract to completely refurbish the Town Hall from Basement to roof with the goal being to house almost 1000 members of Bolton Council staff approximately double the previous number, this will allow the council to save a huge sum of money by releasing buildings that are currently occupied.

The logistical issue involved with the relocation of staff to outlying building whilst works took place was a complex task and maintaining security and staff safety was paramount. This involved Spectra in reorganising the software to ensure staff, contactors, visitors and others could access secure areas as and when required in order to maintain safe areas or working. We also had to re-introduce controlled access to completed areas so staff could re-enter the Town Hall as floors were handed over following refurbishment works. This involved constant changing and alteration of access points, access levels, Time Zones and access rights.

The final system comprises a totally integrated access control and innovative key management system which allows security staff to issue keys to sensitive areas such as risers, and plant rooms using Cotag tags as not only identifiers but also allowing access “en route” to the work area.

Each transaction being recorded and “matched” to the person requesting the key. Should a key not be returned to security staff it can be easily tracked to the person who it was issued. Another clever use of Cotag!

The whole system is controlled via the very latest “Granta” software residing on a server with strict access rights via a client software passkey control across the council IT network.

Incorporated are also doors giving full DDA access via automatic doors operators supplied and installed by Spectra with integration with the building Fire alarm system. The result is a complete security and Fire control using the best local engineering contractors who have pride in their local Town Hall